Acquistion Announcement

After a long hard decision, Simple Social has been acquired by The Boutell Designs Group. We will be migrating all the Simple Social assets to Freelance Workspace. Simple Social as a company will be closed, and instead will become a product under The Boutell Designs Group and Freelance Workspace. This transition should be almost completely seemless to clients and anyone that is visiting our site. As we move in this new direction it is our plan to help our clients and continue to grow there business!

This site will be closed by or before Q4 2018.

May 2018 - Update :: All links are now pointed to our new ownership company. If you have worked with us in the past, please refrain from using our old email links as everything has switched to the new company. We are also starting the migration of our portal to Freelance Workspace. There is no need to re-register for an account and the transition should be fairly seemless to all our clients. There will be a planned outage soon as we finalize the migration and bring up the new portal system under Freelance Wrokspace but more details to come!

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Check out some sites we have designed and host through our managed services.

Nourish Columbus
Nourish Columbus
Heidi Boutell Photography
Heidi Boutell Photography
The Blue Bus People
The Blue Bus People
Creative Home Learning
Creative Home Learning

Learn with SimpleClass

Where to get started, check out our catalog below. If you see a class that you would like, click the link in Schedule to reach out to us about a class you might want to take so we can get something scheduled for you!! Pricing is also listed below for individuals and groups. All public classroom settings are billed on an individual rate.

If you are looking for one on one time, please click the 1:1 Learning link to contact us about needing a tutor.


Build-a-CourseWith build a course all you have to do is contact us, tell us what you looking for and if it is something we can help you with we will let you know...does not cost anything to access, and the course will be customized to meet your needs!
MailChimp for BeginnersHave you ever tried to reach your customers but need something a little more automated than typing an email and sending it out? Try MailChimp. This course is designed to equip learners with the tools need to get started with MailChimp and start marketing to clients today!
Crashing ExcelMicrosoft Excel 2016/13 is here...are you using it but can not get it to do what you want, maybe your on an older version and just need a refresher. Crashing Excel is just for you. This class will teach you the basics of using excel and will have you organizing your business ASAP!
Unboxed and OnlineDo you ever wish you could pull a computer out of the box, and have it setup and online within 30 mins? This course is for you. We will take you through all the steps of unboxing a machine and getting online in 30 mins. This class currently being taught on only Windows 10.

  • Coming Soon :: Head First into Linux - Does the linux OS scare you? This course revolves around teaching you Linux Mint and how to use it as your daily driver.

  • Coming Soon :: Custom Built - Want to build a PC but not sure were to start? This class will be for you. We will build a PC together from the motherboard to the OS, everything will be done in the room. This class will require that you purchase the items to build PC...but that list will be sent to you when you register. Also one lucky particapant will receive the components for free and tha chance to help the class build their computers!


Classroom Schedules
No Classes Scheduled At This Time
1:1 Learning is always offered!
1:1 Learning - CLICK HERE to Enroll Today!


1:1 Learning: $35/person/hour - Sessions are 1 hour mininmum.
Classroom: $35/person

Additional Fees

Course Material costs extra
Travel Fee ($.75/mile) is assessed for One on One Learning if range is greater than 35 miles from our office in Delaware, Ohio.


All our pricing details will be discussed during our initial conversations. Quotes for a website are $1250 ($1200 for a year of hosting and $50 for Domain Name Registration). There is an additional $95/hour fee charged for any and all work being performed in the development and design process. Pricing breakdown is below as well!!

Sign a contract today with us and receive a $200 discount on web hosting when you sign a 12 month agreement!! Offer ends 1/31/18.

Website Hosting - Managed Service$100/month*
Domain Name Fees$50/year
Domain Auction Fee**$25
Billiable Rate$95/hour
*1 year minimum contract; **Auction fees are only assessed if the domain you want is being purchased in an auction aquisition.

Coding a website can be challenging and maintaining your website can be a time consuming task that takes away from your daily operations. Simple Social can help with all of this, from website design/development to administration. Check out our portfolio to see all the work that we have done and if your interested, see our price list and contact us.

Who are we, we are a freelance consultant firm operated by Andrew Boutell. Andrew has over 12 years in the IT field ranging from IT technical support to software support and even website development.